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Invest Utrecht’s mission is to support foreign investors throughout the entire process of establishing businesses and fostering growth in the Utrecht region. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.

How can we help?

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Our team

  • Mr. Jan Zuidema - Head of Invest Utrecht
    Industry focus: Life Sciences and Health
    Area focus: India
    M: +31 6 2112 4552
  • Ms. Anna Elferink - Foreign Investor Relations Manager
    Area focus: Asia
    International Liaison: Guangdong Province, China
    M: +31 6 2531 9091
  • Ms. Esther Schaafsma - Foreign Investor Relations Manager
    Account manager investor relations programme
    Area focus: North America and Europe
    M: +31 6 1187 3202
  • Ms. Frédérique Zonnevylle - Foreign Investor Relations Manager
    Industry focus: Gaming, ICT, Food and Nutrition
    M: +31 6 1566 8249
  • Ms. Catherine Peters Sengers - Information and Communications Manager
    M: +31 6 2112 4650
  • Ms. Birgitte van Laar - Project Assistent
    M: +31 6 1830 0558
  • Ms. Mariëtte Rijntjes - Roelfsema - Project Assistent
    T: +31 6 5276 9780
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About Invest Utrecht

Invest Utrecht, the Foreign Investment Agency of the Province of Utrecht is a one-stop shop for practical assistance and information services to help companies establish and maintain operations in Utrecht. We actively help foreign companies set up their business, but we also support the more than 900 foreign companies that are already established in the province. All our services are free of charge and confidential.

Utrecht Region

Utrecht is a home base to many prominent international companies, knowledge institutes and research centers across sectors including Life Sciences & Health, ICT and Gaming.


Have a look at the company profiles and find out more about the key players already doing successful business here.