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Life sciences & health

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Life sciences & health

The Netherlands: the world’s most concentrated cluster of life sciences and health companies

The country’s central geographic position, combined with its accessibility and excellent infrastructure, makes it the location of choice to 2,200 life science and medical technology companies and research organisations, all within a 120-mile radius.

Dutch companies hold strong positions in the fields of molecular imaging, medical informatics, biopharmaceuticals, human and veterinary vaccines, regenerative medicine and biomaterials, medical technology, and health infrastructure.

Utrecht: beating heart of life sciences and health

The combination of world-class research institutions, an excellent R&D and business infrastructure, a highly-skilled workforce, and close proximity to a number of top technical universities have established the Utrecht region as a leader in the area of life sciences.

Utrecht offers a unique ecosystem comprising the combined application of knowledge and expertise from the fields of biology, chemistry, pharmacy, physics, mathematics, healthcare, children’s health, and veterinary medicine.

The ground-breaking fundamental, patient-oriented research resulting from this synergy of disciplines, combined with the output of the region’s corporate research centres and SMEs, is leading to an increase in knowledge and the discovery of more effective ways of addressing major societal issues.

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The region’s life sciences and health industries comprise:


All 54 pharma/biotech companies in the Utrecht region have recently been involved in major international partnership deals, and the sector focuses largely on the following social important factors:
Public health: One Health, cardiovascular research, and food & health
Cancer: Biology of cancer cells, and personalised cancer care
Regenerative medicine & Stem cells: Biology of stem cells and regenerative medicine

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Medical technology and devices (Medtech)

Already home to a cluster of 75 Dutch and foreign companies in the medical technology and devices sector, Utrecht offers excellent opportunities for companies specialising in e-health, big data, and home-care technology.

The region also represents an extensive sales market for medtech companies, ideal for product application, health research in hospitals, and insights into consumer usability.

This sector particularly specialises in:
Imaging & diagnostics: image-guided therapy
Non-invasive techniques, particularly in oncology
Healthcare innovation: self-management, active ageing & long-term care, healing environments

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Food & Nutrition

Utrecht is part of the Food Valley region, hosting in one of the world’s largest agricultural food and nutrition communities including educational and research institutions such as Wageningen University, Utrecht University, and TNO Food and Nutrition.

The Utrecht Science Park is recognised within the Food Valley and the wider food industry for its research and development in the fields of human nutrition and health, food safety and security, and One Health.

Inspirational companies in the Food Valley region include:

Danone: European research facilities for specialised nutrition
Friesland Campina: European Innovation Centre
Heinz: European R&D and European Supply Chain Centre

The Rabobank Group, a leader in food and agriculture financing and sustainability-oriented banking, also has its headquarters in Utrecht.

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Utrecht Region

Utrecht is a home base to many prominent international companies, knowledge institutes and research centers across sectors including Life Sciences & Health, ICT and Gaming.


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