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Province of Utrecht attracts tens of millions in international acquisitions

jan 26, 2016

The Dutch Province of Utrecht attracted more than 84 million euros in foreign investments in 2015, closing the 2012-2015 period with the most successful year to date.

Foreign investors are of vital importance to the Dutch economy. Acquisition and retention of foreign investments has created many new jobs for years, contributes to the knowledge economy and strengthens our connection to international (knowledge) networks.

The acquisition activities are conducted under the Invest Utrecht brand, in order to be easily recognizable for potential investors. Invest Utrecht works closely with local authorities and other relevant partners (Economic Board Utrecht, Utrecht Science Park, Dutch Game Garden, etc.).

Nearly 1,000 jobs
The more than 84 million euros acquired by Invest Utrecht in 2015 are spread over eleven projects and create 450 new jobs in the region. Over the entire policy period from 2012 until 2015, 43 successful investment projects were developed, which surpasses the initial target.

In total, the investment projects have generated € 125.87 million in new investments, contributing to the creation of 952 jobs. Breaking down the 43 projects by source, 42% came from investors in Asia, 30% from Europe and 28% from North America.

Invest Utrecht is looking to intensify future collaboration with partners in the region. A regional acquisition strategy is drafted under the banner of the Economic Board Utrecht Internationalization (EBU-IN). Building on the 2012-2015 focus on life sciences & health and IT / gaming industry, this strategy will strongly align with the EBU themes healthy, smart and green.

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