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Growing your business: what can we do for you?

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Growing your business: what can we do for you?
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Investor Relations Programme

We are part of the ‘Invest in Holland’ network – a close collaboration between the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), regional development agencies, and a number of large cities.

The network’s Investor Relations Programme provides support to new foreign investors as well as existing foreign who already have one or more operations in the Netherlands.

Taking part in this programme allows us to build and maintain a lasting relationship with those foreign companies already present in the region, to maintain a competitive climate for investors, and to support your business development efforts.

Free & confidential support for current investors

The main aim of the Investor Relations Programme is to make it easier for businesses to grow and thrive in the Netherlands.

  • Providing information, advice and support
    The Investor Relations Programme is here to help you find talented people with the skills your company needs to succeed. By assisting with visas and work permits, providing cross-cultural advice, and linking to international schools, we make sure that all international employees enjoy a soft landing in the region. The programme assists expanding companies in many other ways too, such as helping to implement new investment and development projects, and finding and applying for subsidies. If you have any questions about this, our door is always open.
  • Connecting you to relevant partners
    The Investor Relations Programme can introduce you to Dutch governmental organisations at national, regional and local levels, and bring you into contact with commercial service providers such as consultants, agents and lawyers, along with a wide variety of regional, national and international networks relevant to your company.
  • Jumpstarting your network
    Each year, the Investor Relations Programme will give you access to dozens of national and regional events, ranging from seminars and conferences, to networking dinners, roundtable sessions and individual meetings with representatives of the Dutch government. We’ll even help you make individual arrangements for tailor-made support and advice.
  • Introducing you to public-private partnerships
    The Programme is equipped to provide guidance around the network of public-private partnerships that abound in the Netherlands. We can offer insight into R&D incentives, for example, along with direction on the partnerships that will maximise these incentives. We can also help link education, government and business for joint assistance in everything from pooling talent to addressing a need for technical skills.
  • Supporting business development
    A valuable partner in helping you support your business case for international expansion into the Netherlands, the Investor Relations Programme can provide the tools and input need for cost and location benchmarking, help recruit talent, and promote your company’s presence in the country to increase recognition and brand awareness.
  • Giving you a voice
    The programme serves as a channel through which you can share with the Dutch government your views and experiences regarding the investment climate in the Utrecht region and the Netherlands.

We collect your feedback, submit it to the relevant government departments, and use it to inform future decisions.

Completely free of charge, the services provided by the Investor Relations Programme are available to all foreign companies with international operations in the Utrecht region, regardless of the year they were established.

Please contact one of our team members to discuss your business plans, and we’ll help you find the right solution for your business.

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About Invest Utrecht

Invest Utrecht, the Foreign Investment Agency of the Province of Utrecht is a one-stop shop for practical assistance and information services to help companies establish and maintain operations in Utrecht. We actively help foreign companies set up their business, but we also support the more than 900 foreign companies that are already established in the province. All our services are free of charge and confidential.

Utrecht Region

Utrecht is a home base to many prominent international companies, knowledge institutes and research centers across sectors including Life Sciences & Health, ICT and Gaming.

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