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Taxes & Incentives

The Netherlands has a competitive tax regime that stimulates entrepreneurship and foreign investment.

Taxes & Incentives

Invest Utrecht can provide you with initial advice on tax and incentives, and would be happy to introduce you to a tax expert who can make sure you profit from the tax advantages available.

Hereby a quick overview of the Dutch tax advantages:

  • A highly competitive corporate tax rate of 25% (20% up to €200,000)
  • A wide tax treaty network which included more than 90 tax treaties for the avoidance of double taxation and a reduction in foreign (and Dutch) businesses withholding taxes
  • Prior certainty from an Advance Tax Ruling Practice
  • 30% tax ruling for expats for a period of up to 96 months – seen as a tax free reimbursement for the extra costs involved in living abroad
  • A change of VAT rules in 1st January 2015 means that VAT on B2B services is now payable in the customer’s country of residence, rather than the supplier’s
  • Simplified procedures are available for performing customs formalities for import, transit and/or exports

Additional tax benefits for R&D facilities include:

  • Research & development wage tax reduction: WBSO
    WBSO is a contribution to the wage costs of employees carrying out R&D and other R&D costs and expenses. The tax benefit consists of a reduction in wage tax and social security contributions. The deduction is 32% of the total R&D costs and expenses (first € 350,000) and 16% (above € 350,000). The 32% is increased to 40% for start-ups
  • Research & development profits taxable in innovation box
    Innovation box results in an effective tax rate of just 5% on R&D income from self-developed patented and/or from unpatented intangible assets that qualify for the WBSO

For an overview of programmes and initiatives run by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, please visit

Information about regional funds for start-ups can be found here

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Invest Utrecht, the Foreign Investment Agency of the Province of Utrecht is a one-stop shop for practical assistance and information services to help companies establish and maintain operations in Utrecht. We actively help foreign companies set up their business, but we also support the more than 900 foreign companies that are already established in the province. All our services are free of charge and confidential.

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Utrecht is a home base to many prominent international companies, knowledge institutes and research centers across sectors including Life Sciences & Health, ICT and Gaming.

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